Domaine du Clos Romane

Nadine Charancon and her husband Stéphane vigneron created the Domaine Clos Romane in 2011 after leaving the Cairranne cooperative cellar. The choice of the name of the Domaine Clos Romane is quite simply : it’s the first name of their 16 year old daughter Romane who is the 4th generation. Her brother Florent who is 25 years old has joined the adventure of the domain in January 2019. The estate works on calcareous clay soils with a respect for the environment in responsible management where the harvest is manually sorted. Nadine takes care of the management of the estate as well as the marketing of the wines.
Cairanne, a village and a proud appellation of its cru.

Domaine Clos Romane
215 Avenue de la libération
Tel : +33 (0)6 15 52 05 34


30 Hectares

Côtes du Rhône