Carine Croze


Carine Croze joined her husband, Nicolas, some ten years ago on a property that has been managed traditionally for four generations. Inspired by a mutual respect for nature and the vines sustainable cultivation techniques have been adopted in the vineyard and the harvest is hand-picked.
Domaine Nicolas Croze is located in the village of St Martin d’Ardèche at the crossroad of four viticultural departments. This well-protected site backs up to the foothills of St Marcel d’Ardèche, whilst overlooking the spiky ramparts of the town of Aiguèze. Thanks to the diversity of the grape varieties grown on the property, they make wines that are both soft and fruity and full bodied and structured.

Domaine Nicolas Croze
Rue Max Ernst
07700 Saint Martin d’Ardèche
Tel : +33 (0)4 75 04 62 28


27 Hectares

Côtes du Rhône