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Mayra Saillen

Domaine Les Davids

Mayra Saillen is of Swiss and Chilean origin, oenologist and cellar master she was the apprentice of Marie-Thérèse Chappaz an icon of wines and biodynamics in Switzerland and internationally. After several years of experience in Switzerland and abroad, Mayra moved to Provence with her husband Aristide Furrasola to manage Les Davids and revive viticulture in the highlands of Provence. In charge of vinification, she likes to express the freshness and minerality of high-altitude wines.

A family project embodied by Sophie Le Clercq, a strong and engaging personality, who has been working at Les Davids for over 20 years, with a young and dedicated team. The vineyard is located at an altitude of 580 metres, with some plots reaching over 700 metres, in a protected valley on the edge of the Ventoux, a wild region whose diversity of soils makes the terroir particularly rich. The estate is voluntarily run on a mixed organic farming system, which guarantees the preservation of biodiversity. Some forty hectares are cultivated, including 26 hectares of vines, orchards, truffle fields, olive trees, vegetables and cereals. In addition to the cultivated land, the landscape is made up of forest, scrubland, hedges with local species and hillside reservoirs.

Château Le Devoy Martine
RN 580
30126 Saint Laurent des Arbres
Tel : +33 (0)4 66 50 01 23


39 Hectares


Côtes du Rhône 

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